The Witch of Belladonna Bay Suzanne Palmieri Available Now

Wyn leaves Magnolia Creek Alabama when her mother dies and does not plan on coming back, but years later when her brother Patrick  is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit she returns to care for Byrd,  her niece who has lost both her parents, and to clear her brother’s name.  As you would expect the truth is never easy to see or easy to take and Wyn has her share of ups and downs as she tries to reconcile the place that Magnolia Creek is now with the home she remembers, and if reconciling the town wasn’t hard enough the people are even harder.  The more Wyn looks into the past for answers to try to free Patrick the more she learns about herself and her place in the world.    I loved the characters and the family dynamics of this novel.  Both of Wyn’s parents are obsessed in their own ways, and only as an adult can she begin to accept them for who they are.  The dynamic is this book are wonderful, the town comes alive in your mind and I was sad to leave it when I had read the last page.  This is a story of family, of love, and betrayal, laced with magic and hope.  A great summer read.



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Cathing Cameron by Julie Brannagh Available May 6

Catching Cameron is the story of Cameron and Zach.  They had a fling of sorts in college, she went on to become a sports journalist and he became an NFL football star.  In the ten years since their three day fling Cameron has avoided Zach like the plague, but her work puts her in close contact with him and his team, and when she has to interview him the results are a disaster and it costs both of them.  What Cameron doesn’t realize is that Zach has always been in love with her and while he may be gone from her life ,she has never been forgotten in his.  The question is can they make peace with the past and trust each other enough to try to find a future?  I loved the dynamic between these two, they kept me laughing, and guessing page by page, event by event.  A great well paced read.

Here and Now by Ann Brashares Out April 8th

This is the story of Prenna and Ethan and how they change the world.  Ethan is from the current time his people are also called time natives.  He does everything he can to be Prenna’s friend, but she makes it hard, she has rules she must follow and one of them is about making friends and being close to people.  Prenna has always been one to question and push the limits though and before she knows it she and Ethan have befriended a local homeless man, who tells Prenna things she is better off not knowing and that make her question her life and choices she makes, together with Ethan she begins to make her own choices and make the world a better place, but her love for Ethan my ultimately be too much for her, not only are such relationships forbidden for a number of reason, but the fact that Ethan knows she is different and much more by the end complicates matters even further.  I hope to see them again and learn more about the future and the past.