The Good Mother Myth Available December 31st

I have to confess I don’t read a lot of non fiction books, or parenting books for that matter unless i am trying to find an answer to a specific problem, but this book caught my attention, mainly because i think for most Mom’s the “Good Mom” is an idea we strive to reach, not the way we see ourselves.  For me this was doubly true when my son was small and I struggled to balance his needs and wants, along with my own and keep the house from crashing down around us from the weight of the ever present laundry, the constant need to pick up toys and the need to clean and cook and eat.  There were times when I was overwhelmed to say the least.  What I found most interesting about this book is that instead of the dry text book style discussion you might expect the book uses experiences from real Mom’s to illustrate it’s points, that bad things happen despite our best efforts and our kids are usually no worse in the long run, and that at least some of the pressure we feel to be a certain kind of mother comes from ourselves.  I found it refreshing to be reminded that i was not the only one out there who didn’t feel like supermom.