All the Rage by Courtney Summers April 14th

netgalley  In this gritty novel set in a small town Romy must decide if she wants to tell the truth and pay the price again. Kellan Turner is trouble and last time Romy told the truth about him it cost her friends and got her bullied, but as she hears that Kellan is up to his old tricks she must decide if speaking up once more has to high a price or if she can live with herself if she chooses to keep quiet. The town becomes riveted with her former friend Penny’s disappearance, and Romy thinks she knows more about it, but she has no memories of the night of the senior     bonfire even though she should. When she and Penny both go missing on the same evening and only she is found it will force Romy to deal with her feelings, her past and the way she has been treated. Gritty and engrossing dialog and story will raise hard questions that demand to be answered.


Back To You by Jessica Scott, available today

This is the next in the Coming Home series and this installment addresses the issues of returning to real life after living in a war zone.  That said it is full of tender moments and honesty.  The characters are wonderful and real, as is the the readjustment process, but don’t worry that is lots of love a bit of steam in there as well so all the bases are covered.  The real question is how does a solider return to their family and can they do it for life instead of just until the next deployment?  Journey with Trent and Laura as they navigate the distance between them and try to find a way to fix what is broken.

The promise of Stardust get it today for 1.99

 This is a great book I read earlier this year and had to share with you when I found it on sale today.  It is lots of love story, some legal action, some medical action and a lot of what if’s.  I don’t want to give to much away then what would be the point of reading it, but to give the plot a short summary: Boy and girl are high school sweethearts who go their own way but find each other later, he’s a neurosurgeon, she’s an astronaut.  They get married and plan to fill the house with lots of happy children but the children don’t come.  As she reaches her late thirties she begs him to give a child one more chance.  A few weeks later she falls and has a brain injury that can’t be fixed, then they find out she’s pregnant, as you can imagine the rest of the books involves lots of choices and their outcomes.  This book made me laugh and cry and gave me hope and joy too.  Seriously I opened it deciding I would read the first hundred pages since i was tired and I ended up staying up to read it all in one sitting.  Did I pay for it the next day, yes, but it was worth it.  If you get a chance check it out.  I saw the deal at Amazon but sometimes Barnes and Noble has a similar deal.  Happy ReadinImageg !!