Return to Tradd Street by Karen White, Out Now

For those of you who are familiar with Karen’s White’s books that involve Realtor Melanie Middleton and writer Jack  Trenholm you will be glad to know that this latest installment of their story is just as good as the others.  Once again Melanie finds herself dealing with a historical mystery, a spirit or two and repairs on her house.  Her advancing pregnancy doesn’t help matters either, nor do the tensions between Jack and his daughter Nola, who of course look to Melanie to mediate, add a new detective and a nosy reporter to the mix along with Melanie’s cousin Rebecca’s wedding the stress just seems to pile on poor Melanie yet again.  To up the ante this time Melanie must visit places that are hard for her.  The visits the Charleston Museum and the cemetery.  With Melanie’s gift of being able to see and hear and help spirits you can imagine that when she walks into a place with a lot of history she hears a lot of people, never fear she sings ABBA songs to keep the other noise from bothering her to much.  As usual Karen White has woven together the past and the present into a wonderfully told story of love and family.  If you already read this series and enjoy it and are looking for another series like it try the Irish series by Andrew M Greeley, The heroine in those novels also has connections like Melanie’s and the book takes place in the present but there is a mystery in the past that ties into the present.  And last but not least I was at the Charleston Museum a few weeks ago and I wish I had read this book before I went so I could have looked to see if the piece of furniture that Melanie went to look for or something like it was there.  Have to try to remember to look next time I guess.