Snack Girl to the Rescue Out Now

The book was available yesterday, sorry the post is late.  I don’t read every nutrition or diet book that comes out, there are way to many and I have found some of them seem to just about contradict each other, but I do read some of them from time to time since I have always had an interest in nutrition even before I found myself in the group that could stand to loose a few pounds.  I find the logic in snack girl sound, I think her suggestions are good and I think her approach to food is realistic, is this book going to change your life?  I don’t know I hope it does help you somehow but i wouldn’t make a huge claim.  I’ve found for me small changes i can live with are better than big changes I give up on after a while.  I think there are small changes you can make with this book that will help you eat healthier regardless of your weight, some of us know we need to eat better.  I have tried two recipes from the book so far and I have liked them both.  I tried the roasted Brussels sprouts, and the pasta with veggies and lemon and yogurt.  Roasted Brussels sprouts have become a regular in my house and I think the pasta will become a staple as well.  I have to admit I just could not make pasta without tomato so I drained a can of diced tomatoes and added it even though the recipe didn’t call for it.  I don’t plan to make this a diet and nutrition blog in any way shape or form, but if those topics interest you this book is worth a look.