Here and Now by Ann Brashares Out April 8th

This is the story of Prenna and Ethan and how they change the world.  Ethan is from the current time his people are also called time natives.  He does everything he can to be Prenna’s friend, but she makes it hard, she has rules she must follow and one of them is about making friends and being close to people.  Prenna has always been one to question and push the limits though and before she knows it she and Ethan have befriended a local homeless man, who tells Prenna things she is better off not knowing and that make her question her life and choices she makes, together with Ethan she begins to make her own choices and make the world a better place, but her love for Ethan my ultimately be too much for her, not only are such relationships forbidden for a number of reason, but the fact that Ethan knows she is different and much more by the end complicates matters even further.  I hope to see them again and learn more about the future and the past.