Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax Out Now

What do you do when you are faced with financial ruin?  Three women are brought together by life because they sue the man who stole their money and they are given a third share in a house he owned.  All of them are hoping to sell quick and to have enough money to give them a new start, however Bella Flora has other plans, while it is a beautiful home it has been neglected for many years.  The women must decide to level the house and sell the land or if there is a way to renovate it and then sell it which will mean more money, but much more work since their budget will be limited.  They opt to restore the house and find friendship and learn life lessons along the way.  Maddie is one of the women and she lots on her plate, but all of them find themselves faced with hard choices.  Maddie’s husband lost his job last year, but couldn’t tell her, he’s been job hunting for months with no luck, but once he tells her the truth he seems paralyzed by his admission and spends months watching television while the world goes on without him, Maddie’s mother in law sets her kitchen on fire and so Maddie and Steve must take her in while he home is repaired and figure out what to do long term since she can’t be on her own there anymore, her son Andrew looses his college scholarship and her daughter announces she is pregnant from a fling she had while working on a film crew.  A hot summer of hard work is the least of her problems in some ways.  I loved the interaction between the women as they try to save the house and regain some control over their lives while making big decisons.  Good news for those who enjoyed it or want more after the read it, there are more adventures with these ladies.  The second book in the Ten Beach Road series is Ocean Beach and it is also out now, The House on Mermaid Point is out July 1st, and for those of you who like holiday themed reading Christmas at the beach is an ebook, I didn’t see a print edition on Barnes and Noble’s site.  Looks like a good series, the others are on my to read list.