The Tolling of Mercedes Ball: A Novel by Jennifer Dwight

I loved Mercedes.  Her life is anything but easy from an abusive husband and having to restart her life after she is widowed she just keeps rolling with the punches, not that it is always easy for her and even when it seems easy it is an illusion, but I have to hand it to her she knows how to take all those lemons life keeps tossing at her and make lemonade.

Meet Me Here by Bryan Bliss On Sale Date: May 31, 2016,

In the course of a single night Thomas must decide his future and make peace with his past.  His brother Jake came back from the Army damaged and not himself, but like his father before him Thomas is expected to report in the morning and continue the family tradition.  He is terrified of coming home like Jake, who is seen as a local hero, but is nothing like he used to be.  Thomas must make peace with Jake and his future or change it.  The story is told in the course of one night that like all graduation nights is full of the things you expected and even more that surprise you.  A warm witty and touching look at growing up and making adult choices.

All Summer Long by Dorothea Benton Frank May 31

Once again we are treated to a beautiful southern story. Olivia must give up her high profile life in New York and make good on a promise she made to her husband NIck long ago, now that he is retired they will return to the south, specifically Isle of Palms. There are a few glitches and gotcha’s in this plan, like the fact that Olivia over spent on the new house and she does not have a client base established in the south yet, not to mention that she is now the only one with a steady income. Olivia must face possible financial and professional ruin and even more devastating could be the impact to her marriage. In contrast to Olivia and NIck we meet Olivia’s well to do client Bob and join Olivia and Nick as they travel among the rich and see the good and the bad in both. I loved the dynamics between the women in this novel and the contrast in each character’s life.

Gridley Girls by Meredith First

I absolutely adored this novel. I wanted to stay up and finish it so I didn’t have to put it down but I was to0 tired.  I loved Meg and her pals and all their wonderful teen age issues.  I also loved adult Meg who didn’t change much and how she still had close friendships.  This book is laugh out loud funny, sweet, tear jerking and fantastic.  Read it in your place of choice and don’t surprised if you ignore the world.  Thank you to Book Sparks for my free copy.

The After Party: A Novel by Anton DiSclafani On Sale Date: May 17, 2016

This novel is the touching story of two women friends since they were girls who grow up and change and yet manage to stay together.  Cece  does not remember her life before Joan.  Cece would tell you they were joined at the hip, but Joan has a life beyond what she shares with Cece and this creates tension for Cece not only in her friendship with Joan but in her life in general until the day her wold changes.  A warm and touching story of an enduring friendship between two very different women.

Will You Won’t You Want Me by Nora Zelevansky

I loved riding shotgun as Marjorie Plum figured out her second act.  She was the it girl in high school, but life out in the real world has been tougher than expected.  Her roommate moves out without much notice, she looses her job, all of which send her on a journey she never expected and as you can imagine it has many bumps along the way some funny some sad and some sweet.  In the end Marjorie finds her footing again but I was glad to take the journey with her I got to laugh, cry and commiserate with her.  Thank you to Book Sparks and St. Martins Griffin for my review copy.