The Kept Woman Karin Slaughter

The good news is Will Trent is back on a new case and I got to go along for the ride, the bad news well imagine you were getting a puzzle off the highest shelf of a closet and the box spilled open and the pieces are everywhere and none of them are going together in any way they should, that kind of sums up Will’s case.  As if that was not bad enough, they find a purse and some other things belonging to Will’s wife Angie and there is a very large volume of blood at the scene that matches her blood type according to his boss and his girlfriend who also happens to be the coroner.  Now since this is a mystery I don’t want to give anything more than that away and spoil it for you, but as you might imagine each person and each piece of the puzzle leads the investigation and Will in directions he would normally avoid at all costs.  Full of secrets with surprises at every turn this book will make you wonder and hope until the last page is done.  Highly recommended.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday in Texas: A Year in the Life of Lone Star Football, from High School to College to the Cowboys by Nicholas Eatman

A through and detailed look at all levels of football in Texas a state that is known for football powerhouses.  A year in the life of Texas football is explored week by week with plenty of context for those of us whose history might not be up to par.  A unique look at a sport and the state that loves it.  This book is not afraid to tackle the tough questions and the rough moments along the way to the end of the season.

Six Days in Leningrad by Paullina Simons

If any of you have read any of Paullina’s work you know there is just something special about it and my favorite is The Bronze Horseman.  Six Days in Leningrad is the story of the research that went into that novel and the story of her return to her Russian roots accompanied by her father who is sometimes helpful and sometimes anything but helpful.  It is a wonderful blend of memory, story and reality that gives a unique look into her life and her writing process.  A must read for fans and would be fans.


The More of Less by Joshua Becker

I have no doubt you have seen articles on reducing and decluttering, it is a phenomenon right now.  In The More of Less Joshua speaks of his own experience not only with parting with possessions although he does give useful advice for that, he also talks about the ideas behind a minimalist lifestyle and the freedom it gives you in your life overall, not just all that extra space you will have when you dump your excess stuff.  His approach and his discussion of the wider ideas are one i had not seen yet.  If you are looking for a different perspective on the too much stuff and downsizing ideas give this one a try.

The Wedding Shop Rachel Hauck

I adored this story of a forlorn and abandoned wedding shop that is rescued by the girl who played in it as a child.  Hailey and her best friend would play bride in the abandoned store as children, but years later after her friends death and her own time in the military when Hailey looks to start a new chapter in her life the wedding shop is waiting.  It is in terrible shape and fixing it will cost more than she has, but Hailey is following a dream and refuses to give up.  I loved the way the story was woven between Cora the last woman to run the wedding shop and Hailey who wants it to be the beautiful show piece of small town Heart’s Bend once again.  The story is deftly woven between the two women and there are plenty of surprises along the way.  One part I really loved was the return of some of Ms. Cora’s brides, they show up randomly as word spreads that Hailey is opening the shop again and they share their pictures, their memories and sometimes even more.  A warm and touching story of the blending of the past and the present for the future.netgalley

The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner

A fantastic story of a young boy and a young girl both with lots to loose who find themselves thrown together in the hours and days after the twins towers fall.   Kyle finds himself walking home over the Brooklyn bridge on September 11th after his high school is evacuated.  He finds what he first believes to be an injured bird on the bridge and stops to try to help it.  As he gets closer he realizes it is a girl in costume wings and she seems very disoriented.  Unsure where to go or what to do to help her Kyle takes her home with him hoping his parents will be able to get her help, but his mother is stuck in California with his sister and his father an NYPD detective is trying to save people.  Over the next few days Kyle realizes the girl has amnesia but her memory is gradually returning. as the teens get to know each other and trust growns between them Kyle is able to help her and trust her enough to show he what his life is like.  A touching and different view of an important moment in history.



Leave Me by Gayle Forman

When Maribeth Klein has a heat attack and she ends up having unexpected open heart surgery all she really wants is to curl up and sleep for many days, but her husband and her mother who are trying to run the house soon loose patience with the amount of work involved in caring for twins and running a house hold and Maribeth tries to slowly take back some of the workload, but it is soon obvious to her that it is more than she is ready for but no one wants to believe she is not well and ready to step back into the full swing of things, finally one day in desperation she leaves home and boards a train to Pittsburg, once there she begins the process of healing in peace, but once she is better she must decide what to do about her other life and which one to keep. A touching and heart rending story of the weights we place on ourselves, the ones others add to our pile, and how we have to balance them some how.

Tell Me Exactly What Happened: Dispatches from 911 by Caroline Burau

I admit that I expected this to be a book of 911 stories, and there are 911 stories here, but it is so much more than that.  It is the story of a woman who has devoted years of her life to helping others often missing events with her family because of the stress and odd hours the job requires.  Over the years she has made and lost friends, saved lives and come back to do it again day after day.  It gave me a new perspective and a new respect for the people who put their lives on the line to help us when the world comes crashing down.