Jon Land The Tenth Circle Release date December 24th

Well the first thing I should probably say is that this book is in no way a holiday book, but it is a page turning, fast moving thriller that one would expect from Jon Land.  The plot mixes history and present day events seamlessly, while we are taken on a wild ride all over the world by Blaine McCracken while he tries to unravel the latest terrorist attack while looking for a lost family member.  Along the way McCracken will call on co workers, old friends and even an someone who is out to kill him or so it seems to keep the world safe for another day.  I really liked this book, it moves quickly yet the plot is complex, the story keeps you guessing and keeps you engaged.  if you like spy thrillers or a great fast paced read give this one a try.  Thanks to Net Galley and Open Road Media for my advance copy.

The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club by Susan McBride December 17,2013

This was my first read along with Andy Kendricks and I liked it lots.  Andy is spunky and fun and quirky, but her mother Cissy who has a major part in this book, not sure if that is true for the others in the series, is even more so.  The ladies set out to find out the truth regarding the death of Cissy’s dear friend Bebe Kent, and they encounter many bumps and road blocks.  I loved Andy as a character, she is real and likeable, not that those characters you love to hate are a bad thing either, but Andy is the likeable sort.  She is genuine and trouble seems to keep her close which makes her life a bit too interesting at times.   Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for my advance copy.  I plan to read the other two books in the series after the holidays.  Have you read either of the other two books in the series and if so what did you think?

Holiday commercials and shows

So as we make our way into the thick of the holiday season what shows are you looking forward to watching?  Which commercials make you smile and which ones make you wish you could hit that fast forward button on the remote a bit faster?   I have to admit I really like the commercial where the father and son go into the jewelry store and the son puts down a few dollar bills and some coins and asks to see a piece in the case and dad lets the sales person know he has a credit card.  May-be some day my son will do that for me, or may-be i hope he will and that is why that one gets to me.  I also like the car ad where all the silver cars come down the hill and then at the end there is a red one so in effect it is Santa and the reindeer with cars, and the Budweiser horses always get to me too.  As far as Christmas specials go I love Emmett Otter and Muppet Family Christmas, two oldies but goodies, Olive the other reindeer is a good one too.  On the adult list I like Elf and Christmas Vacation is probably my all time favorite adult Christmas movie, The Family Stone is a good one too.  Feel free to share your favorites and your least favorites if you would like.  I think it is neat that each part of the holiday season resonates differently with each of us. 

The Color of Heaven by Julianne MacLean is free tody at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

I read this book a few years ago and loved it, I loved the way it was told and how you truly experience things right along with the main character, it stayed with me long after I finished reading it as books have been known to do.  I know we are all busy with the holidays but pick it up now so you have it for when life settles down again.  I also just learned this morning that it is part of a series so the other two books which are 4.99 each in e reader format will be on to read list for 2014. 

Heartache Motel Terri L. Austin, Larissa Reinhart, LynDee Walker Available December 10

This is a really neat little collection of interconnected stories.  All of the stories involve the Heartache Motel.  The first story involves an odd assortment of friends who travel together to visit Graceland at Christmas and end up involved in a murder investigation.  It reminded me of a cozy mystery and a little bit of a plum story as well.  The second story is about a card game and high stakes poker, the last story is about a reporter who takes a vacation to Graceland only to be there when the story of her career breaks.  I also loved the dog in the third story who is a calm docile girl, but has barking fits and annoys the other guests while her reporter Mom is out getting her story.  The dog has her reasons, but you’ll have to read and find out.   I loved the fact that the stories all had the motel in them, and also since they were stories it was easy to read one and then go back and read the next, which lets face it with all the holiday things that happen in December is a nice bonus.

Sun, Moon, Star Kurt Vonnegut ebook release

As a lover of books I have read my fair share of Kurt Vonnegut books over the years.  This book is so neat, it’s not a fiction book though, it is a kids book and it tells the story of the birth of Jesus on Christmas Eve through the baby’s viewpoint, you see the world the way a new born baby does and it is such a different viewpoint for this classic and important event.  There are short groups of words and I loved the simple yet catching drawings.  I think this is a great holiday book for kids of all ages or from 1-100.

Duck the Halls a Meg Langslow Mystery by Donna Andrews

ImageMeg and company are back in a touching holiday story this year.  Michael is busy rehearsing his one man version of A Christmas Carol, when he and Rob are not fulfilling their new civic duties, the twins are hoping for hamsters or gerbils from Santa, and someone is playing pranks on the local churches.  As usual Meg ends up in the thick of things, in this case juggling the many holiday events that can be held at a shrinking number of venues among other duties.  All of the usual suspects we have come to love are here, Chief Burke and his wife Minerva are part of the fun as are Meg’s mother in law and the usual town residents we are so fond of.   As with all of Meg’s adventures I enjoyed this visit back to her town as much as all the others and the town and anyone who reads along with be left with a warm happy holiday feeling.  I found the twins especially funny and touching but that may be because they remind me of my son.  That said this is a good holiday read for those who like mysteries or books about towns.  A great addition to the series.  This one went on sale in October so if you are looking for a holiday read it should be readily available.