The Sea Glass Cottage RayAnne Thayne

The Sea Glass Cottage ExcerptThe Sea Glass Cottage CoverThe Sea Glass Cottage Excerpt

This is a wonderful story about three women who have faced hardship and continue to fight to make the world a better place.  Juliet has lost a husband and daughter and became the sole parent of her granddaughter Caitlin.  Olivia left town and started over in Seattle after losing her father and sister.  Cooper returns to town to help out his sister whose husband has left her for another woman.  When Juliet has an accident that brings Olivia home their worlds will come together and turn like the pieces in a kaleidoscope.  None of them will the same, but they will all be better for it.  Olivia and Juliet must decide what they want out of life moving forward and Caitlin must answer questions about her mother and her past so she can move freely into the future.  The past and possibilities of the future will come together.   This is the story of three strong women and the ties that bind them together.  It is also the story of home and what that means to each of them.   I loved these ladies and I was sorry to part ways with them on the last page.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

The Grace Kelly Dress by Brenda Janowitz

The Grace Kelly Dress was impossible to put down.  I read it in an afternoon even though I really did try to slow down and savor it.  I failed.  I loved this story.  It is the story of a  dress and the women whose lives it touches.    We see the dress from the view Rose who creates the dress first on paper and then with fabric.  We also see the lives of the women who wear it and how the magic of the dress touches each of them.  I adored this story that is filled with strong women in different times and the magic of a special dress.  I also loved the way the women in each generation were so different and the honest way that was shown in the story.  FINAL COVER w. Stepback 9781525804595_PRD_FC_STPTGKD excerpt – Blog Tour (1)