If I Could Turn Back Time by Beth Harbison July 28th


Meet Ramie, like most 30 year old women she is at that point in her life when she wonders if she made the right choice and took the right path. She is transported back to her teenage life and gets to look at it with her adult wisdom, but she can’t let on to the people in her life that this is the second time around or she might change her future. Warm, funny and touching, Watching Ramie figure out the big parts of her past and decide what she truly wants was touching and heartfelt and we all want to relive the good memories from time to time, just maybe not so literally right?

It’s You By Jane Porter

I loved this novel.  An unlikely friendship between two women who have loved and lost allows them both to settle the past and it allows Allison whose life has been adrift since her fiancee’s death to put her life in order and once again look toward the future, but before she does she must help her friend and pay tribute to her past since she is unable to do so herself.  A journey of the heart that touches everyone involved and the reader has a front and center seat for the journey.


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Circling the Sun A Novel by Paula McLain July 28th

The new novel from the author of The Paris Wife.  This time we are swept along in the anything but ordinary life of Beryl Markham.  We travel with her in Kenya, London, The U.S. and many other beautiful locals as her life seems to always have a new direction for her.  Detailed locations make us feel like we are there as Beryl travels the world with us in tow.  A story about going after what you want and finding a few good friends to travel with.



Bennington Girls Are Easy: A Novel by Charlotte Silver July 14th

Cassandra and Sylvie are ready to take their newly minted Bennington degrees and tackle the world, but the world has other things in store for them in this funny and charming tale.  We get to ride along as both girls try to navigate the world they are part of not the world they were prepared for.  The results are just as you would expect funny, heart breaking and real.  A great read about friendship and life lessons.

Alive by Scott Sigler July 14th

Imagine a world where you know absolutely nothing about yourself except your name.  That is what happens to M.  She wakes in a strange place in a coffin and the only reason she knows her name is because it is on the foot of her coffin.  Along with the other survivors M must figure out how to survive, where they are and why.  A dystopian novel with a puzzling twist, Alive will keep you turning the pages and the wheels in your brain until the last page.netgalley

A Time for Friends: A Novel by Patricia Scanlan July 14th

I adored this story about Hillary and Colette, two unlikely friends who manage to stay together through thick and thin.  Colette is the daughter of two busy lawyers who can have anything she wants except her parents time and attention.  Hillary lives in a warm laughter filled home that is more modest, but her parents always have time for her.  As the girls grow up and move into adult hood Hilary marries a man she loves and makes a good life for her family, Colette follows in her parents footsteps and marries a man with huge social ambitions which keep her away from her daughter and keeping up appearances at all costs.  When Colette’s world falls apart in a matter of hours, it is Hilary who picks her up and tires to get her back on her feet, but at a terrible price.  Along with our leading ladies we also meet the families and then there is Jonathan, Hilary’s friend and business partner who is also searching for a way to have the life he wants.  A touching story about friends, good and a bad, old and new, and the importance they have in our lives.

The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

I think this one may have been out for a bit, but I just finished it recently and it is a great book about family and sisters. Maia and her sisters were all adopted and raised by their father Pa Salt, when he dies unexpectedly he gives each daughter a map location for where her life began and Maia heads off to find out about her past and figure out her future. She uncovers the history of her birth family and we are taken with her as she untwists the last few generations. She is able to meet one family member and read letters from others, but Maia’s past like everyone’s is not what she expected.