The Hidden Memory of Objects Ki by Danielle Mages Amato

When Megan’s brother Tyler dies the pieces don’t add up as far as she can tell and the more often the police show up at the house with questions the more Megan has questions of her own.  She tries to piece together Tyler’s last days and in doing so she realizes that her brother was not quite the boy she thought he was.  Megan questions his friends and eventually comes to some hard truths about what happened to her brother and why.  Along the way she learns not only about Tyler but about herself as well.  Deftly written, tight prose and a great pace will make you glad this novel made your reading list.

The Fall of Lisa Bellow: A Novel Kindle Edition by Susan Perabo

What happens when you are the girl who is not taken?  For Meredith that is the million dollar question.  When pretty popular Lisa Bellow is taken even though both girls are there a new world opens up for Meredith and she suddenly has a chance to be popular, but the mental cost of what she was part of and of worrying about Lisa take a toll on her and her family who already have tragedy in their recent past.  Everyone left behind must learn to live in the new world and find their place in it.  A compelling story that makes you think.

The Barrowfields A Novel by Phillip Lewis

An epic family saga that centers around Henry who grows up in the shadow of his father, but must help his mother raise his younger siblings.  Once Henry leaves for college he keeps meaning to go home again but never does until he has no other choice.  Once he returns he is forced to deal with his past and figure out his future in  the house and town that started it all.  A touching look at families and the dynamics with them.

The Art of Breathing By Janie Devos

Kathryn is stricken with TB and must leave her family and travel to Pellham to fight her illness.  While she is at Pellham she connects with her roommates and her fellow garden enthusiasts.  Her new friendships cause her to evaluate her current life choices and envision another future for her and her son.   I loved Kathyrn’s faith and strength in such adverse circumstances and her cast of supporting characters is fantastic.  There are a few really good surprises along the way which I won’t spoil for you.  This is a great read, a story of hope and new beginnings and coming home.

Setting Free the Kites by Alex George

Robert’s life is normal and predictable till Nathan happens to find him while he is being bullied and turn his life upside down.  The boys form a fast and deep friendship that propels them through family tragedies and triumphs.  Their bond is deep and lasting and it will stay with them always.  A touching story of growing up and living life outside your comfort zone.  Face it we all had the one friend who pushed us and made us better, and for Robert Nathan is that friend.  Priceless, true and authentic.  A great read.

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens

This novel is a thriller that grips you at page one and keeps a hold on you till you read the last word.  I don’t want to say too much here so I don’t ruin anything for you. I will just say that things are seldom what they seem and if you like suspense and thrillers than add this one to your TBR pile.

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir A Novel by Jennifer Ryan

I enjoyed this look at life in an English village during the second world war.  The new choir master encourages the ladies of Chillbury to keep on singing and they do.  The town is full of interesting women from the midwife with a past she would rather forget, to the daughters of the towns elite, to the refugee with stories of her own the women and the town are as varied as they come.  The story itself is told mostly in a journal style format which gives it a special touch.