The Admissions by Meg Mitchell Moore

frc-logoThis novel starts out as the story of Angela and seems to be the story of her senior year and her challenge to find a college, but as her story evolves and we meet her family we soon learn that each of them has admissions of their own to make to themselves and to others. An engrossing story of a family who appears to have it all, but do they and can they really have the life they want, or will they be stuck in a seemingly perfect world? I loved middle child Cecily who finds a new hobby when Irish Dance falls flat for her, and even younger Maya who is having so much trouble reading and is behind in school, but she keeps on trying even though the kids in her class aren’t always nice to her about her problems. Then there is Nora the matriarch of the clan who tries to run a tight ship while working as a real estate agent at an upscale firm. Patriarch Gabe is a partner at an up and coming company, and pushes Angela toward Harvard his Alma mater. Together they will question, challenge and persevere.


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